What Is A Casual Shoe To A Woman

For most of us guys a casual shoe would be like a boat shoe, sneakers, or even flip flops! A lot of women share our same thought as well believe it or not. There isn't anything wrong with wearing sneakers, but what we are looking at here is a step up, not quite dressy for a lavish dinner and a night on the town but comfortable for dinner and a movie. You see where men would just categorize the tennis shoes, boat shoes, and flip flops all into one women ten to place sub categories so we are looking for a nicer, "semi-dressy" casual shoe or even a designer casual shoe. By going just a step higher in style you get a much dressier look even if you are wearing the casual shoe with jeans and a t-shirt.

It makes a woman feel better, more confident, and prettier to be seen in a nice pair of designer casual shoes than in just run of the mill sneakers or flip flops. It is rare these days to see a woman out and about in a pair of uncomfortable stiff dress shoes. I usually see women of all ages now wearing designer casual shoes with everything from jeans to semi dressy outfits.

I think a large part of this is due to comfort. Within the casual shoe genre you also have some sub categories available. One can choose a shoe with a high heel, a medium heel, or a low heel and can also choose wide or narrow heels.

The wide, higher heel is really in at the moment. So, for those of you live in jeans, there are almost unlimited women's' casual shoe options, the choices are virtually endless, and the options available can be fun and exciting to look at. Don't wear high heels with jeans, leave those foot killers in the closet and choose a cool pair of designer casual shoes instead, your feet will thank you for it. If you are wearing longer pants pick a pair of casual shoes with a smaller heel. If you are wearing pants or jeans that are average length or even a little short maybe, wear casual shoes with a very small heel or even no heel. The whole idea here is to be casual without looking sloppy which is very easy to accomplish if you make the right choices.

Just follow the guidelines we have listed here and get online and shop. You will find a huge assortment of all the latest styles, colors and sizes that can be delivered right to your door and you never have to leave the house!.

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What Is A Casual Shoe To A Woman - For most of us guys a casual shoe would be like a boat shoe, sneakers, or even flip flops.

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