The Properties Of Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum wedding rings are fast becoming the ring of choice these days. For over a century platinum wedding rings have been increasing in popularity for many reasons. Mainly because platinum is a very tensile and malleable to work with making it far easier for a jeweller to stud the ring and vary the design style.

Platinum wedding rings are also highly expensive and sought after with many of the rich and famous now wearing them. The exquisite and intricate designs incorporated into the rings make for an irresistible piece of jewellery. One of the qualities of platinum rings are they are much more durable than some other metals and more importantly platinum wedding rings will not irritate and harm your skin like some other metals including gold. Platinum is graded by the amount of platinum contained in the ring the highest being PT999 then PT950, PT900 and finally PT850 being the lowest.

Platinum is also the heaviest of all the precious metals weighing nearly twice as much as gold. This also adds to the feel of quality when worn on the finger. Although some platinum rings will be alloyed with other metals normally iridium and rallerium because these two substances are from the same metal group as platinum it is very rare that even alloyed platinum will cause any detrimental effects to the skin. This cannot be said for even good quality gold rings which are not one hundred percent pure gold as the metals alloyed with gold can, if not always to begin with, cause irritations to the skin years later. However that said, platinum is more expensive than gold and the risk factor should be considered and factored into your budget. Over time and although durable and hardwearing platinum wedding rings will lose their colour and sheen.

This is not uncommon with any metal and will be accelerated if the ring is worn regularly due to perspiration and levels of natural chloride found in the air. As opposed to if the ring is kept in a jewellery box or only worn on rare and special occasions. The problem can be easily rectified by a qualified jeweller who will be able to professionally polish the ring back to its former glory. Furthermore if your platinum ring does become scratched there will not be any actual material loss as there would be with gold. Platinum band also make exceptional engagement rings when studded with either diamonds or sapphires. Diamond and sapphire rings made from platinum have a very modern look and feel.

The blue sapphire and white diamond perfectly compliment the silver white sheen of the platinum ring. It is fair to say that platinum has over taken other precious metals due to its many assets together with its unique style and quality.

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