How To Get Your Hair Super Straight

If you are into styling your hair, you most likely have a flat iron or hair straightener of some sort or the other. Here is how to get your hair ultra straight to maximize the benefits of using a flat iron to straighten your hair.

Ionic and Tourmaline in Your Flat Iron

I prefer to use a flat iron that has tourmaline plates for the ionic technology. Ionic technology has to do with the release of negative ions.

Negative ions have a positive effect on hairstyling because it helps in the management of your hair. Your hair is left much silkier and smoother and tamed when you use a good hair tool with ionic technology.

So, the first thing that you will need to use in order to achieve the super straight hair look is a good flat iron with ionic technology. The tourmaline plates are just a perk, so if you have a hair straightener with tourmaline plates, that is an added plus.

Styling Serum That Conditions

You will also need to use a type of hair styling serum that has a conditioner or moisturizer in it to apply to your hair prior to and after the use of the flat iron. This will not only ensure that your hair is protected from heat, but will assist in attaining straightness in your hair.

A Fine Toothed Comb

Have you ever gone to school and had to get a lice check performed on you as well as all other students to ensure that you do not have any lice in your hair? Well, in these lice checks, they usually use a cheap, black fine-toothed comb to sift through the strands of hair.

Well, if you know what kind of comb I am talking about, his kind of fine-toothed comb is suitable for use to get our hair ultra straight. You will need to use this type of comb along with the flat iron with tourmaline technology for the following procedure to get your hair looking sleek and straight.

The Procedure

First, we will need to apply the styling serum to your hair working from the ends to the root. You do not need a lot of serum.

Just a little is needed.

Next, after the flat iron is properly heated and ready for use, you will need to take the fine-toothed comb. Grab a section of hair and apply the flat iron to it while following the flat iron with the fine-toothed comb at the same time. That is the simple trick to getting your hair as straight as possible. The magic is in the fine-toothed comb!
Apply the flat iron with the fine-toothed comb to all sections of your hair until you have done every single strand of hair on your head. And that is it! Now you have a head of ultra straight, super silky and smooth hair.


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