Hot Clothing Trends For The Summer

1. Print, Pattern and Color Very popular this season is printed patterns. Floral patterns are being seen everywhere and not just for what goes on your back, but what goes on your feet too. The trend in footwear is for bright and lively patterns.

You may remember when animal print was popular for shoes and now that trend has gone even further. The floral prints we see give the impression they were done with brushstrokes, hand painted or even the scribbles and smears we are familiar with as graffiti. The clothing lines that have come out have designers creating a look that is layered with texture and patterns in an eclectic mix of printed and plain fabrics. Flowers made of fabric, cutout appliqués and satin borders with contrasting piped edging. We are seeing more vintage prints with a sprigged pattern with flowing fabrics that bring to mind the old estate flower gardens. Abstract prints such as symbols of African tribes and ikat as well as Americana all have a fresh and modern look.

2. The Artists Palette Popular this season is accessories and fabrics that have the look and feel of an artistâ??s canvass. Most of these are hand painted and have textures and prints that focus on buds, blossoms and flowers. Favorite blooms for this are poppies, tea roses, orchids as well as a host of exotic blooms.

Characteristics of these fabrics might be petals of flowers appearing as though they were paper dry or even a wet petal that has been painted. One word of caution; be aware that there will be mass marketed versions of these hand painted color schemes that may be cheaper to buy, but also will lack the quality that a designer line has. 3. The Color Green With the explosion of floral prints, it is a good idea to keep your eye on the color green. Greens will be a part of any flower motif as the leaves and stems are often that color.

It is said that green is having a popular run as a stand alone color this year, so you will want to add some greens to your wardrobe. If green doesnâ??t flatter you, try to look for colors in the blue spectrum or shop for green accessories that will not give you a pale and washed out look the way a green scarf or blouse might. 4.

Fantasy Fabrics The popular trend in fabrics is light, breezy and gauzy. Beaded fringes, lace and silky satins appear as transparent wisps that glide and captivate not only the wearer, but onlookers as well. This season there are no restrictions. Romantic, modern, light and transparent are the trends that will enchant and have you looking fresh and feeling comfortable in fabric that feels as if it is barely there.

5. Volume and Skirts For this summer season the look is volume. Skirts that are gathered can swing and swish and full skirts are being seen with tiers of ruffled fabric to give them volume. If you lucky and have a trim waist, this look can focus attention on your slim waistline. Skirts this season are easy to wear and to move in and are not only practical but pretty as well.

Pairing a full floral patterned skirt with a blouse that is a solid color can make you look hip and attractive. Having clothing that allows you freedom to move easily and light enough to keep you cool is the style of this summer. 6. Jumpsuits are Revived A popular fashion trend of the 60s and 70s, the one piece jumpsuits are making a comeback.

An all-in-one as they are called today, made of parachute silk will be comfortable and airy to wear. You can find a cat suit that will have you looking like a tiger in the evening and a power executive during the day. 7. Purses and Handbags It looks as if the big, oversized handbags have seen the end of their popularity.

The trend is for smaller purses such as a clutch. Clutches can be found in small or large sizes. Those who have owned or still own an oversize handbag know how much of their â??stuffâ? accumulates in the dark corners of their bag.

It is said that your handbag as well as its contents shouldnâ??t weigh more than two pounds to prevent damage to your shoulders and back. With the new trend of smaller handbags, you will have less room for all the things that seem to make their way into your purse.

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