Ghillie Suit All You Need To Know About Ghillie Suit

Introduced by the Scottish, ghillie suit is a camouflage outfit. Also known as yowie suit, ghillie suits are an important maneuvering implement in training as well as actual combat around the world. Ghillie suits were originally developed by Scottish gamekeepers as a portable hunting blind, so that hunters could blend into the surroundings to hunt and not be seen by wild game.

Since then, it has now become a generic for camouflage activities in the armed forces, apart from its original sense of hiding and seeking game for sport lovers! The base of a ghillie suit is made with a stainable durable fabric such as burlap. As nearly invisible as possible, fishing line or unscented dental floss is used to sew each knot of net to the fabric where the camouflage is going to be attached. Hot glue or shoe glue is applied to each knot to strengthen the ghillie suit.

The ghillie suit is then weathered by soaking it in mud or manure to give it an earthy smell, or running over or dragging it with a car. Depending on the activity, one can also add elements from their surroundings to the ghillie suit, such as leaves and foliage, to maintain as much camouflage as possible. Ghillie suits come down to three simple attributes: size, weight, and material. Choosing the right type of ghillie suit is more than just selecting the right size or material. It also depends on what activities do you need your ghillie suit for? Will you be performing any type of sport in your suit? Different Ghillie Suits & Kits The market for Ghillie suits and kits has evolved in such a manner that one can actually get a different ghillie suit and kits for different activities or sports.

Sniper Ghillie Suit: Designed for all possible tracking activities. In common with all types of Ghillie wear, the construction is heavy duty and durable with quick opening and closing Velcro zips. Airsoft Ghillie Suit: Designed for Airsoft. As with most sporting activities, the wearing gear is comfortable, effective with good reinforcement on the elbows and knees of the jacket and pants. Paintball Ghillie Suit: As the name implies, it is designed for the popular American paintball game. Bug-Proof Ghillie Suit: The Most common type of ghillie suit.

Consists of a pair of trousers and a jacket both constructed out of bug-proof cloth or mesh. Ghillie Suit Kits: An important add-on item for sports that require different types of Ghillie Suits. Versions are available for various sports but building one or assembling a comfortable Ghillie Suit Kit gives a much more satisfying experience and this can be personalized to one's taste.

Ghillie Suits available in all patterns and sizes guaranteed to keep you out of sight. Our sniper ghillie suits, desert ghillie suits or military ghillie suits are a must for any hunter, paintball fan, or wildlife photographer. Visit our ghillie suit online store now.

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