Getting A Great Tan With Tanning Beds

Light is vital to the existence of all living things. You need the natural sunlight to provide you with a controlled amount of ultraviolet rays. Just like the tanning bulbs, it could provide you with a change of skin tone because the bulbs contain ultraviolet A and B rays. But excessive amounts of the sunlight could dry your skin or damage it - it is also the case with tanning bulbs. Do you often visit a tanning parlor? Do you own a tanning bed on your house? Do you really know how to use your tanning bed? Here is some information in knowing your tanning bulbs.

* The Basics. If it is your first time in a tanning salon, make sure you provide the experts with your skin condition. Sensitive skin would require a lower level of UV ray, so the intensity of the tanning bulb should be less than ordinary. If you have just purchased your own tanning equipment at home, make sure to do a research on the tanning bulbs you have bought. The level of the tanning bulbs would depend on the brand and model of the manufacturer. Be aware of the intensities the bulbs would cause your skin to be able to control the tanning process.

* Maintenance. The placement of the tanning bulbs is important because if you fail to do this correctly, it could lead to your lamp to dim or resulting in an electrical power shortage. Make sure to clean the tanning bulbs when it is not in use because the cleaner the bulb, the amount produced of the UV increases 10%. Cleaning the tanning bulb is easy because id doesn't require soap. Make use of moist cloth regularly to keep it dust and oil-free.

Plus, make sure to replace the starter of the tanning bulb every time you change the tanning bulb of your equipment. When you replace a new bulb, the UV level becomes higher and would permit burning of the skin. Make sure to purchase the exact brand name or identical to the tanning bulb you made use of earlier. * Usage. If you are tanning in a salon, make sure that there are experts monitoring you through the whole process. There should be controlled exposure to the UV rays depending on your skin type, the tanning equipment and the model of the tanning bulb.

If you are using your own tanning equipment and you believe that the tanning bulbs are aging and you want to extend tanning - that is a bad idea. The aging of the tanning bulbs does not necessarily mean that the effect of the UV rays is decreased. Now that you know the important information in handling the tanning bulbs and its equipments. You should follow these guidelines in a enjoying a safe and relaxing tanning. If you're inside the tanning equipment, the fact that your eyes are shut closed is not enough. There is an eye-protection recommended by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and you could purchase it anywhere within authorized outlets.

Without these protective gears, it could cause your eyes probable long-term damage. The UV rays from the tanning bulb could make your skin dry. Since tanning when you have applied moisturized could work best in the beach or tanning parlors, it is healthier if you make sure to moisture your skin before and after exposing yourself to the UV rays. Your skin produces melanin, but your lips don't.

Make sure to defend your lips from possible burning by using sunscreens or lip creams and ointments. If you're planning to expose your whole body onto the tanning bulbs, make sure to cover with a towel or cloth the parts that are not yet tanned. Then gradually remove the cloth after two or more tanning sessions. And lastly, if you have problems with your health, remember to visit your doctor first before planning to go to a tanning parlor. With the tanning bulbs producing UV lights, these could have a side effect if you're on medication. Here are the facts.

Your job is to follow the guidelines to achieve in having a great tan in a safe environment. Know your tanning bulbs, so it could serve you for the better.

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