Cuff Links Exploding Comeback

Dating back to the seventeenth century, cuff links were invented when men felt the need to use an elegant accessory with their shirts instead of the traditional ribbons or ties in order to hold their cuffs together. The first cuff links were chains attached to the end of a gold or silver button, it was then inserted through the holes of the cuff in order to keep the two sides together, that's how we can summarize the origins and invention of cuff links in a nut shell. These elegant shirt accessories evolved into items of jewelry with bits added to the chains to enhance its look. Over time, the cuff link idea was developed and polished, becoming the sophisticated shirt accessory it is today, these are an essential part of a man's wardrobe, especially for tuxedo usage or any elegant attire. With the varying types of rare stones, valuable metals, fabrics, and trendy designs, the cuff link became the new trademark for success, style and power. Due to the Industrial revolution the materials used to manufacture these elegant accessories became more affordable which made things easier for mass production.

Later on the chains which formed part of the traditional cuff link were replaced with rods and fasteners with easy-to-close clips. The modifications to the original design became popular among well-dressed individuals, which incentivized shirt manufacturers to sell a larger quantity of high priced dress shirts which were cuff link-ready, some of them didn't originally design their shirts to be used with cuff links but because they were an important fashion item, the industry started to adapt to include such accessories. Needless to say, sales boomed and men became total show offs as they sported their new look with cuff links and matching elegant sets.

Today, the cuff link fashion is still going strong because it represents wealth and success in those who use formal attires. Men and women working in highly professional careers and environments should pick their jewelry and fashion accessories with great care. Every piece should add beauty to their business persona and enhance the prestige of their profession, while being particularly careful not to distract or draw too much attention, which would disrupt an attractive image. Designer cuff links are an integral part of any professional's work wardrobe which do a great balancing job keeping a non-shalant yet elegant design in formal outfits.

With the past of time new trends have emerged and cuff link designers became extremely innovative by introducing new and exclusive designs customized according to every career field. For example, if your career requires for you to spend most of your time at a courtroom as a corporate attorney, maybe a set of well-crafted Legal Gravel Cuff links are what you need to enhance that well-tailored and professional look. In addition to lawyer-exclusive cuff link designs, there are several other styles which were crafted thinking in each professional individual such as doctors, bankers, architects, engineers and so on. A carefully selected pair of career related cuff links can make a fashion statement enhancing your image.

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