Can Collagen Injections Really Help You Get Rid Of Facial Wrinkles

We all know that eventually we are going to get old and with that age is going to come wrinkles. Exposure to the sun is one of the largest factors in how our skin ages. With this exposure to the sun the collagen in our body becomes damaged and can no longer keep our skin firm.

As our skin tissue looses its fullness we begin to see more and more laugh lines and other facial wrinkles. Because our faces play such an active role in our self-image many of us hate to grow old gracefully. Instead, we want to do whatever we can to hide the signs of aging. Collagen is an injectable filler that we can use to change the look of facial lines. When collagen is injected into a line it makes the face look fuller and the wrinkles less apparent. Deciding to get collagen injections is a much easier decision than getting a face lift of other major surgery.

Collagen is an office procedure that does not require anesthesia. The collagen is simply injected into the wrinkles while the client sits in an office chair. Because this type of procedure has very little side effects it is becoming more and more popular. But there are some side effects to a collagen procedure as it compares to surgery. Collagen lasts less than six months so it is definitely not a permanent procedure.

For individuals looking for a permanent result the only choice is to look at various cosmetic surgery procedures. Another thing that consumers should be aware of is non medical centers that are performing collagen injections. These clinics do not have trained medical personal administering the injections, instead they have just opened up shop and started performing the procedures. Although collagen is a relatively simple procedure it is possible for a patient to have an allergic reaction to the substance. At a medical facility you will be put through an ongoing assessment over about four weeks to determine if you are allergic to collagen. This time may seem like a nuisance but it is one of the ways that licensed medical facilities work to make sure you receive the best in health care while getting your collagen injections.

If you are thinking about getting collagen injections it is imperative that you find a licensed surgeon that is working in a qualified facility. Do not look for bargain prices on collagen injections there is just too much risk to your health. Instead, take the time to find a well know medical clinic that will have your safety in mind throughout the procedure. After narrowing down your list to licensed and trained surgeons then you can look to see who is offering the best price.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as wrinkle cream at

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