Breast Implants When and Why Women Replace It

Just as each woman has her own unique reasons for getting breast implants the first time, many will choose to replace them. It takes between six months to a year for your final results, so dont make any snap decisions. If its been less than six months since your augmentation and you are considering replacing them, contact your surgeon or another board certified plastic surgeon (ASPS) and discuss your concerns. You may even want to get a second or third opinion before making any firm decisions.

When you decided to have breast augmentation, you had a vision of a new size and shape for your breasts.

Ironically, the top reason for replacing a breast implant is to change the size or shape. Some women find that they want bigger implants while others find there is such a thing as too big.

If your initial breast implants were done before 2006 they are probably saline (unless you were part of a clinical trial for silicone) because thats all the FDA approved at that time. Because of long term studies, implants today have improved and the data has not shown any evidence linking silicone implants and serious health issues.

You may have saline and want to change to silicone or the other way around.

Each woman is different and the first step after making the decision you want to change your implants, is to find a surgeon who is certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and specializes in revisions or removals.

When you meet with the surgeon for your consultation, it will be very similar to the first time, although this meeting will include discussions regarding the existing scarring and what can be done to minimize the scarring from this surgery, while giving you the look you want.

Capsular contracture is another reason women have their implants removed or replaced. Capsular contracture is when the capsule your body created around your implant begins to contract causing pain and distortion. If this is why you choose removal, then you need to make sure to look for the ASPS certified surgeon who specializes in removal due to capsular contracture.

As a rule, when an implant is removed due to capsular contracture, every attempt is to remove the capsule intact with the implant within it. There are no set answers on why some women develop capsular contracture and some dont. The same holds true for why some women will have an implant removed because of it and never develop it again.

After your surgeon has examined you, he will be able to recommend which type of implant and what size would fit your body as well as if it should go over or under the muscle. Your skin type and the amount of breast tissue you have, along with what your previous implants were, will all play a vital role in making the final decision.

One of the reasons women have their implants replaced is that none of us want to think about rupture or leakage. A small percentage of the breast enhancement devices fail within a few months following surgery. One study by the FDA showed most women had at least one broken implant within 11 years. Since all breast enhancement devices will leak or rupture eventually, perhaps you have implants you had done years ago and want to replace them before they fail.

There are many other reasons women why women choose replacement, such as wrinkling, breasts that dont appear even in size or location or perhaps, they just dont like the way they look and feel. Seek out a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in revisions and then take the first step to make your breasts appear the way you want them to.


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