Are You Taking Proper Care Of Your Nice Jewelry

John Keats has declared through his poetry that A thing of beauty is a joy forever. This clichd phrase also stands true for ones very precious possession; the jewelry collection. But to keep it as a thing of beauty forever, it needs special care and maintenance. The question is how do you keep it clean and proper?

After some time when the newness seems to fade away of a jewelry item, it starts losing its brightness and attraction if not kept properly.

At times, that jewelry item is so delicate besides being expensive that it becomes very difficult to clean it if it wears out. Your jewelry needs your pampering also. To keep its newness and brightness intact, one should follow some simple rules.

Every sort of perfumes and hair sprays cause great damage to the jewelry.

They cause a coating of stickiness over the surface of these jewelry items. Most of these sprays and perfumes contain alcohol that is dangerous for organic gem stones .So both of them should be avoided while wearing jewelry.

Chlorine is another thing that can cause your jewelry worn out. It causes the disintegration amongst the joints of the jewelry and also damages the stones specially the pearls. So, jewelry is also not recommended while you are doing swimming.

Diamonds are said to be forever but only if good care is taken of them. These gems are easily attracted to grease. All that stuff that contains grease should not come in touch with Diamonds.

They should get cleaned once in a while professionally by the jeweler but can be cleaned occasionally at home. It can be done with the help of a toothbrush, soap and warm water. Ethyl alcohol and water can also be used or one part ammonia with six parts water. At professional level, jewelers and jewelry stores make use of ultrasonic cleaners to clean the jewelry of dirty particles. An ultrasonic cleaner operates making use of sound waves and some detergent agent. Buying a jewelry item takes a lot of your consideration.

But maintenance of that jewelry item demands even more.

Jewelry needs special care and treatment either done professionally or personally to keep them gleaming and new forever. Our jewels serve us by adding to our personality and in return we should do them some service by taking good care of them.
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